Ashley Tisdale is ready to conquer new projects outside of the music world.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the 36-year-old, who welcomed her first child, daughter Jupiter Iris, in March, reveals that she hasn’t had the “urge for music yet.”

“I don’t know if it’s the timing yet, but maybe eventually. Never say never,” says the artist, who shares her daughter with husband Christopher French.

She adds, “It’s just like I need to be like: ‘Okay I’m ready and I know what this is and I know what I want to say.’ And If I have nothing to say, I’m just not going to do it just to do it, you know?”

While she may not be working in the studio, Tisdale and her husband continue to sing to their daughter. However, the High School Musical alumna admits that Jupiter prefers listening to Pink.

“You know what’s crazy is my daughter loves Pink, who is my favorite artist. And I’m not kidding you, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ calms her down,” Tisdale says with a laugh. “So she could be hysterically crying in the car, and if you put on “Beautiful Trauma,” she stops crying. My husband did not believe me until it happened multiple times, and he was like, ‘This is wild.’ I was like, of all songs, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ is the one that calms her down. This is wild.”

As she puts songwriting on pause, Tisdale finds her creative outlet with her blog, Frenshe. She’s also eager to break into television genres she’s not done before, like a single-camera or dark comedy. Despite describing herself as having a Type A personality and loving to work, becoming a mom has caused her to be mindful in the types of projects she takes on, knowing the trade-off is time away from her daughter.

Looking toward the future, Tisdale, known for her work as Maddie Fitzpatrick on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and for voicing Candace Flynn on Phineas and Ferb, is ready to grow with her audience. For her, this means stepping outside her comfort zone.

“I want to be in shows that I watch and that I know my audience is watching. And so, just something different,” she says. “As an actor, people just think of you as one way, especially what you’re really successful for. And it’s been years of me doing other things, but it’s still just breaking that idea and perception. You have to get out of your comfort zone and do different things.”

Back in 2019, the former Disney star released her third solo albumSymptoms, which explored themes like navigating mental health. 

“I’m glad I went through that journey because it’s made me so much stronger,” she says. “And if anything, I really surprised myself. I’m a very Type A person. So, I thought I was going to be like that as a mom, and I’m actually more freeing.”

Tisdale knows managing one’s mental health is a daily practice. For her, she tends to herself by making time to meditate and journal, which grounds her and helps her be “more present.”

“Mental health is not something that just goes away,” she explains. “Your anxiety and stuff is always going to be there at times, and so, yes I’ll probably have moments, but I’m not scared of them anymore, so that’s what’s the best, you know? That’s like the best place to be in.”

And as a new mom, Tisdale could use some extra energy. 

Keeping up with a new baby calls for lots of caffeine, so Tisdale’s partnership with Jamba to promote their new line of caffeinated beverages — Gotcha Matcha and Bold ‘n Cold Brew — was a no brainer.

“Obviously, having a different schedule with a baby now, I really do need a little boost of caffeine in the morning. And I’m a huge fan of Matcha, but I’m horrible at making it,” she says. “So, I tried the Gotcha Matcha and it’s so delicious. It’s so good.”